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CartThrob is first and foremost a shopping cart framework. It is a collection of tools that you can use to build a shopping cart experience to suit your specific purposes. While it doesn't have every possible tool you might need to create every possible ecommerce option you might imagine, it's certainly more flexible than just about anything else out on the market. We don't typically point out specific feature sets for CartThrob because it can potentially be used for so many systems; even those we haven't thought about yet. In summary though, what you can expect from CartThrob is the following:

  1. Shipping calculations
  2. Tax calculations
  3. Discount calculations
  4. Checkout management
  5. Membership and guest checkouts
  6. Membership creation
  7. Email notifications

Table of Contents

Installing and Updating

Getting Started

Template Tags

Specialty FieldTypes

CartThrob includes several custom field types. Each field type comes with unique capabilities, and adds extra power to your CartThrob site. Some of these are installed by default, and others need to be configured. If you have used the auto-install setup, the following are installed automatically

Additional field types available

Backend Settings

The list below includes all backend settings panels. Settings that may require additional documentation are linked.

Post-Order Management



Selling Online

Project Planning

One of the most daunting tasks with ecommerce is knowing where to begin. The following are helpful tools for planning the perfect ecommerce site.

Getting Help