Duplicate Item

Unless your store has items with multiple configuration options, you will rarely need this tag. With this tag it is easy to duplicate an item already in the cart. Duplicating an item in the cart can be useful if you sell an item which has multiple configuration options, or you want to provide personalization for each instance of this item that you sell. The duplicate_item tag provides a method for configuring and selling multiple configurations without requiring that a customer return to the original product page for each new version of the same product.

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This parameter is the row ID of the item you'd like to duplicate. This is useful if you have "allow duplicate items in cart" selected, this will only duplicate one specific item, even it shares entry_ids with other products in the cart.



This is the URL you'd like the site redirected to when the operation is complete. If left blank, the page will not redirect.



{exp:cartthrob:duplicate_item row_id="{segment_3}" return="cart/my_template"}