Getting Started

Table of Contents

  • Features
  • CartThrob Backend Settings
  • Building the front-end of your store
  • Template Tags
  • Beyond Template Tags: Understanding key features and concepts
  • Quick Start Video Tutorials
  • Configuration videos
  • Getting Help


This is a non-exhaustive list of features available in CartThrob. If a feature isn't a built in a component of CartThrob, chances are there's another module, plugin, or method that will allow you to provide your required functionality. For more information, take a look at the addons page for more ideas.

  • Support for donations.
  • Support for configurable products.
  • Support for free products.
  • Supports downloadable and password protected purchases.
  • Supports purchase of channel entries (good for advertising and classified ads).
  • Works directly with ExpressionEngine's (EE) template and channel system. Is not a module that must be managed separately.
  • Email notification system. Our email notification system uses ExpressionEngine]ee's template engine, so all of ExpressionEngine's template tags are available to send custom HTML or plain text email notifications when orders are taken.
  • Coupon system built in.
  • Support for one-page checkout.
  • Support for multi-page checkout.
  • Support for AJAX updating of tax, shipping, quantities, and more.
  • Ships with default templates and installation system to get you up and running fast.
  • Multi-Site Manager compatible. (Please note: each site is Sandboxed, meaning all settings and products are unique to each site. There is no option to share carts or products across sites)
  • Works seamlessly with common plugins and extensions. Works with popular FieldFrame and LG/NSM Extensions.
  • Several common payment gateways and shipping plugins available including support for Stripe, SagePay, and Mollie.
  • Supports SSL encryption.
  • Payment Gateway and Shipping Gateway plugin system. Our common API lets you build in support for almost any payment or shipping system.
  • Development hooks are available. Integrate with other systems.
  • Built in validation system for processing credit cards.
  • Number formatting, calculations and rounding functions built in.

CartThrob Backend Settings and Overview

Building the Front-end of Your Store

Template Tags

Beyond template tags: Understanding key features and concepts

Getting Help