Price by Member Group Fieldtype

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The CartThrob Price - By Member Group fieldtype allows you to create multiple prices which depend on the member group of the customer.

CartThrob Price - By Member Group


  1. Go to the ExpressionEngine addons » fieldtypes settings
  2. Select this fieldtype
  3. Install
  4. Once installed, go to your products channel(s) field groups and add a new fieldtype
  5. Select this fieldtype and add it to the field group
  6. Set this fieldtype as your "price" field type in the CartThrob »products settings

Add a this fieldtype to your Products channel

Head to Admin > Channel Administration > Channel Fields to add this fieldtype to your Products channel, or create a separate channel for these products and add it to your CartThrob product channel settings.



If your field is named price, you can simply output the base price of the field using standard EE variable notation:


This will output a formatted number (eg. $10.00)

Variable Pair and Field Variables

You can also use the field as a variable pair to output the various price levels. The variable pair includes additional field-variables that are output between the variable pair, for example:



The member group this price applies to



The formatted price of the item including monetary prefix (eg. $10.00)



The non-formatted price of the item, excluding prefix, and other formatting (eg. 10)



The price with tax added on, including formatting (eg. $10.77)



The price with tax added on, not including formatting (eg. 10.77)




Important Note

This field accepts numeric values using "." (english standard) as the decimal point. Even if your locality normally uses "," as the separator between whole numbers and fractional amounts, you must use a "." as your separator when entering your price. On output CartThrob can convert this decimal point to any other separator, but on input, english standard decimals are required.