Create Departments for Your Products

You may want to create different departments for your products.

There are two easy ways that you can do this. Create a departments channel, or use straightforward categories.

If you create categories for departments, deal with the categories in the standard way.

If you decide to use a channel specifically to store your departments (or manufacturers, etc) you will need to add a "relationship" field to your products channel to connect these departments to products in your store. You can use a standard ExpressionEngine relationship field, a Playa field (see to purchase playa) or use an MD Simple Relation field (available at to associate your departments with your products.

I personally find categories more difficult to use than a standard channel, so I prefer to store all data in channels where possible. We often use the related channel technique to store information like manufacturer, color, material, and other shared data. It makes it easy to pull data using related_entries and reverse_related_entries tags (please see the ExpressionEngine documentation for more detail on using related, and reverse related data.