Template Tags: Downloads

CartThrob handles basic file downloads. Whether or not you actually sell downloads is unimportant, when you allow the customer to download files CartThrob can help you handle link protection, and obfuscation. You can use CartThrob tags to tie downloads to specific logged in members or groups, as well as protect link locations.

Form based downloads

This is the most secure form of download available in CartThrob. This tag generates a form that allows a customer to download a file without ever seeing any link. When you use this tag to protect a download, the file can only be downloaded by clicking a download button on your site. Because this is a form based download, no shareable link is created. The file location is secret, and the download can be tied to a member group or specific user. You can use this tag to prevent "hotlinking" for both free files, and files that require purchase.**

Standard link based downloads

This tag generates encrypted links that can be tied to a specific member or group. These links can be shared via email or the web. Depending on your implementation, these links could be posted anywhere, and the referenced file would not be availabe except to the specific member id for which it was generated.**

CartThrob does not use IP Tracking, download limits, or time limits on files. If your customers share user IDs and passwords with each other, multiple parties could gain access to your file. If this is a concern, you may want to implement additional safeguards to limit access to your site.