Configuration and Setup

Before you proceed with configuration, make sure you've followed all the installation steps.

CartThrob's settings can be found in ExpressionEngine's backend at Addons > Modules > CartThrob. Once CartThrob is set up, you can move on and forget about where the settings are stored. Sweet! After the initial configuration, you should only need to interact with your channels and templates.

Your store's look and feel and content is all driven by ExpressionEngine templates and channels. A key part of configuration is mapping your channels for use in CartThrob. If you do not have existing product or order channels, great, you can just use the auto-install option to get up and running fast. If you prefer to do things your own way, then please take a quick look at the information below.


It is generally assumed that product and order channels are already configured and set up before the backend configuration begins. You can partially set up the backend without setting up order and product channels, but some field mapping must be done after the channels are created to make the system work to its fullest. A template installer is included to make setting up order and product channels more simple (if you are starting from scratch).

Each setting within CartThrob is documented in the backend itself, so the settings are not described here in detail. However, a few general notes about the backend are included below.

Shipping, tax and payment gateways are handled by plugins. Each plugin may have its own unique settings. Payment settings are global, though they can be overridden in the template system, in the case that your store requires multiple payment systems.

Email notifications are sent upon order success. You can also choose to create your own notifications using ExpressionEngine's notification system,'s Entry Notifications, or another custom system if your notification requirements are complex. CartThrob's email notifications use ExpressionEngine's template parser, so your notifications can contain channel data and complex formatting.