CartThrob is an add-on that works with ExpressionEngine. As such, it can work with a variety of existing software. Listed below are links to software products that can extend the functionality of your shopping cart. You can create a basic shopping cart without any of these products, but eventually you may find a use for them. CartThrob runs the store, but beyond that your store may need reviews, store locators, or addons that enhance the signup process for members

First-Party Solutions

These addons are created directly by the CartThrob team. Some of these addons may be available for purchase on or they may be available by request.

  • Field Editor Simplifies channel field editing by putting all channel fields group settings on one page.

  • Profile:Edit Brings ExpressionEngine member template functionality outside of the troublesome default EE member templates. Also, stores all customer data in channel entries, and allows each customer to maintain multiple profiles per member. This also adds multi-profile capabilities to EE membership, supports captcha for registrations and integrates directly with CartThrob.

  • Affiliator Setup referral commissions on your CartThrob store.

  • CartThrob Global Item Options This is a module that allows you to add Item Options or Price Modifiers on a cart-wide basis. This also includes two field types that allow you to override individual price modifers per item, or override price modifier groups per item. This is a great add-on for sites selling items that share many of the same options per product.

  • CartThrob Subscriptions Allows you to add recurrent subscription billing to your CartThrob store. Also adds "permissions" so you can control access to content based on purchased member subscriptions.

  • CartThrob Credits CartThrob credits makes it possible to sell credits, and allow customers to redeem them. Great for micropayments, for stock photo sites, or other sites where customers make many small purchases over time.

  • CartThrob Global Fees Allows you to set & display fees globally. You can set fees based on customer location, items in the cart or other criteria

  • CartThrob Multi-Currency Set languages, currency, and price fields based on customer location. Uses ip2nation if the customer's location isn't known.

Third Party Solutions

These addons are not managed by the CartThrob team. Some integrate directly with CartThrob, and others are complimentary with the purposes of CartThrob

Paid Software

  • CT Admin This works directly with CartThrob. CT Admin is an administrative interface for your CartThrob store. CT Admin is a stand alone store management panel that allows for order and customer management as well as reporting and data export. Plus, completely tested on Windows with Apache and IIS!

  • SafeHarbor Safe Harbor provides daily backups (database and files) of your ExpressionEngine install. By default, backups are stored on your web server and can be stored remotely on our servers through a subscription plan. You can also store backups on Amazon S3!

  • PixelAndTonic Matrix If you haven't heard of Matrix, go look into it.

  • PixelAndTonic Assets Simplifies image and media asset management

  • Solspace's Ratings Module Complete Rating system: collects, tallies and displays ratings and reviews.

  • GeoFinder and GeoTagger make it simple to build a store locator for your ExpressionEngine site