What are Packages?

Packages are a way of creating a bundle of products that can be sold as one product.


  1. Go to the ExpressionEngine addons » fieldtypes settings
  2. Select this fieldtype
  3. Install
  4. Once installed, go to your products channel(s) field groups and add a new fieldtype
  5. Select this fieldtype and add it to the field group
  6. Set this fieldtype as your "price" field type in the CartThrob »products settings

Add a this fieldtype to your Products channel

Head to Admin > Channel Administration > Channel Fields to add this fieldtype to your Products channel, or create a separate channel for these products and add it to your CartThrob product channel settings.

Working with the CartThrob Package interface

When creating a new entry in your Packages channel, you will see the CartThrob Package Interface. Below the table which shows which products are part of the package, you will see a filter-able list of entries from your Product channel(s). Click on a product in the list to add it to the package. Once a product is in the package list, you can set defaults for Item Options/Price Modifiers, and set whether or not the user can change this selection.

CartThrob Packages Screenshot

How Prices Work

If your Packages channel has a price field mapped to it AND there is a value in the price field, that will be used as the package price. If you do not have a price field mapped OR you have left the price field blank, the price will be determined by the sum of all the products in the package.

Template Tags

Package within {exp:channel:entries}

{exp:channel:entries channel="product_packages"}
    {if your_package_field_short_name}
            <li>{title} {entry_id} {url_title} etc.</li>

Package within {exp:cartthrob:cart_items_info} & {exp:cartthrob:update_cart_form}

        {title} {item_price} {quantity}<br />

            {sub:title} - {sub:entry_id}<br />

            {exp:cartthrob:item_options row_id="{sub:row_id}"}
                {if allow_selection}

        <input type="checkbox" value="1" name="delete[{row_id}]">


    <input type="submit" />