CartThrob Order Manager

CartThrob Order Manager is an (included) addon for CartThrob that adds rich order management features. For more details please see the documentation


CartThrob Order Manager offers limited refund capabilities, that vary by your selected gateway. For more on refund capabilities, click here

Inventory Management

Inventory is managed on a per product basis by editing the Channel entry for each product. At present there is no cart-wide method of resetting inventory.

Inventory can be adjusted when updating the order entry itself. In CartThrob's settings » orders there is an option "Update Product Inventory When Editing Order". If this is set to yes, every time an item's quantity is updated in the order channel entry, it will update the products inventory. So, if you remove an item from an order, or reduce the quantity sold in the transaction, it will increase the inventory in the product itself.

ERP Integration

If you would like to integrate CartThrob with a Warehouse system, Point of Sale system, ERP, or other post-order process, please contact us for a consultation and we can give you an overview of what is possible. Though every ERP system requires a unique integration, we have a set of scaffolding for creating ERP integrations that offers a push-pull API for sending and receiving data in a secure manner using ExpressionEngine's built in user authentication. Our scaffolding system offers you local integration using command line applications or via publicly accessible web services. Contact us for more info.

Quickbooks Integration

If you would like to integrate CartThrob with Quickbooks, a third party service provided by Quickbooks Experts ConsoliBYTE can help:

Click here for more details