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Member Data

All customer data is temporarily captured when added to the cart. You can store this information permanently if you wish either by saving to EE's member data system, or by saving to Profile:Edit Channel Entries.

If profile:edit is installed, it will be automatically recognized in the settings. Otherwise, CartThrob will store customer data in EE's membership system.

Before you can store this data, you will need to have fields set up either in Profile:Edit or in EE's Member system. Set up your fields first. CartThrob only stores a specific set of data by default. Those fields are listed here: standard cartthrob fields

In addition to the standard fields, you can also capture non-standard fields... more on that below.

Member Fields Mapping

You can name your member data fields in EE or P:E in any way you want. You will use CT's settings to map these fields to the information that CartThrob captures.

To set this up:

  1. Go to the CartThrob Member settings
  2. set Save Member Data to "Yes".
  3. For each standard piece of information you want to capture, choose one of your fields from the select box. You don't have to map every field.

You can also capture data that isn't in this list. Any data that you capture in CartThrob using custom_data can be captured to a like-named field automatically.

For instance. If you have a field that you are capturing during checkout that looks like this:

<input type="text" value="Weekends" name="custom_data[availability]" /> 

You would need a member field set up in Profile:Edit or in EE with the name of "availability". Any custom_data captured with that name will be automatically added to that field.

Member Creation

If you use CartThrob's ability to create users during checkout you will want to review this setting. It includes its own documentation. Setting to "Auto-login" is strongly recommended.