The CartThrob reports settings displays sales reports. The default sales report is a graphed report containing:

  1. Today's Sales
  2. This Month's Sales
  3. This Year's Sales
  4. Subtotal
  5. Tax
  6. Shipping
  7. Discount
  8. Total

Each point on the graph can be clicked to drill down into more detailed data. You can continue clicking data points until you are taken all the way to an individual sale.

Creating a new report template

In addition to the default report, you can also create additional custom reports. To create a new report:

  1. Create a new report template

You may want to use the order_totals tag, channel entries tags, order_items tags to create your template to output the data you require. For security's sake, you may want to wrap the report with a conditional to lock out all members except Super Admins

{if group_id=="1"}
    report stuff
  1. In the reports settings, add a new Report Name

  2. Select the template you just created and "submit" to save your report.

  3. You can choose this report from the Report drown-down on the top-left of the reports section.