Price Simple FieldType


The CartThrob Price - Simple fieldtype is a single field that stores the price of your product. It will show your default number format prefix (by default, $) as a prefix to your field.

CartThrob Price - Simple


If your field is named "price", you would output this field as "{price}". In all of the examples below, "price" is used as the variable name, but it could be another name that you set like "my_price_field"


The purchase price. This is the price of the item with formatting. This will output a formatted number (eg. $10.00)

{price} $12


The price of the item without formatting

{price:numeric} 12


The price of the item plus tax with formatting

{price:plus_tax} $12.77


The price of the item plus tax without formatting

{price:plus_tax_numeric} 12.77  

Important Note

This field accepts numeric values using "." (english standard) as the decimal point. Even if your locality normally uses "," as the separator between whole numbers and fractional amounts, you must use a "." as your separator when entering your price. On output CartThrob can convert this decimal point to any other separator, but on input, english standard decimals are required.