Getting Help

We’ve made it as simple as possible to create advanced dynamic shopping cart sites with ease but there is still a bit of work required on your part. CartThrob comes with sample templates that can be installed for you automatically to get you up and running fast. We recommend you review the docs presented on this site, and review all of the configuration settings in detail before you build your first site, and before you contact us with a problem. You can potentially create a shop without ever reading the manual, but it will be much more helpful in the long run to review the materials we have made available.

Before Contacting Technical Support

We recommend trying the following before contacting us.

  • Check the Getting Started section to make sure you have configured the settings correctly.
  • Check the troubleshooting section
  • Check your template code, CSS, and HTML for typos, errors, misspelling, missing parameters, unclosed conditionals and unclosed tags.
  • If you are getting errors from your payment processor, make sure you gateway account is current, make sure you are making HTTPS connections when processing payments, and make sure you have your usernames, passwords, and other gateway access information correctly set. Also, in many instances you will need cURL installed on your server to take advantage of most gateways. This is commonly installed, but it’s always possible your server configuration may vary.
  • Review the CartThrob template tags to make sure you are implementing each tag correctly.
  • If you find a PHP bug in our software, or something unusual happens that you can trace to our software, please check the Forums. If the bug has not been posted yet, please do so, so that we can continue to improve and refine our software.
  • Make a post on the ExpressionEngine StackExchange. Many times searching, or asking questions there will provide you with some timely answers.

Contacting Us

The best way to contact us is through the Contact Us form. If we are unable to solve your issue quickly via email, we will initiate a phone call with you to efficiently deal with the problem.