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Wish List 1.0.9

Wish List addon adds the ability to create and edit product wish lists in ExpressionEngine, and add items in the wish list to your shopping cart. In addition to creating a wish list, wish lists can also be searched, shared, edited, and products in them can be added to the cart. Wish lists are stored as EE channel entries, so all of the power of entries can be harnessed with your wish lists.

  • Wish lists are standard channel entries. Store any data you want with a wish list.

  • Works with CartThrob eCommerce system.

  • Products in lists can be added to cart.

  • Purchased and wanted quantities are adjusted when items are purchased.

  • Multiple wish lists can be created for each user

  • Like any other channel entry, you can set a user configurable status, for instance a "public" vs "private" option that would determine whether the given wish list is available to be searched and found by others. That way a person could use a wish list to collect their own personal shopping/ wish list and not for public purposes.

Note: Wish List is compatible with CartThrob 2 and 3. Future support for CartThrob 5 is undetermined at this time.

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