CartThrob Gift Certificates 1.25

CartThrob Gift Certificates addon enables your CartThrob powered site to sell gift certificates to members and allow members and guests alike to redeem gift certificates. Redemption of gift certificates does not require login or membership. Gift certificates can be purchased by members as gifts for others and later redeemed by guests.


  • Gift certificates can be gifted to other members and guests
  • Support for gift notes
  • Balances are stored in the database, and can be used across multiple transactions
  • Balances be used to make purchases in full, or in combination with another payment method
  • Member can track current balance of all purchased gift certificates
  • Uses CartThrob's notification system to send emails when gift certificates are purchased for a friend
  • Gift certificate codes can be retrieved by the purchaser if lost.
  • Built in controls to prevent multiple uses of the same gift code
Requirements CartThrob 2 (not 3) must be installed
Estimated Development Time Implementation is usually fairly simple. A few tags are required to set up a form, and output customer balances and totals. Setup is generally from a few hours to a few days.

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Price including tax $299.00

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