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Abandoned Cart Notifications 2.1.0

Abandoned Cart Notifications addon enables your CartThrob enabled website to send email notifications when your customer has abandoned their cart. Studies have proven that follow-up emails for abandoned carts is a highly effective method of completing a sale, as well as increasing the per-sale transaction amount by sending special offers with these notifications. This add-on makes it simple to create a multi-tiered notification system for customers that have abandoned their carts.

  • Create tiered notifications, with emails sent from a few minutes up to weeks after the customer's cart has been abandoned.
  • Specify multiple email templates for early notifications, and additional generic emails for ongoing reminders of an abandoned cart
  • Uses standard EE templates system to store notification templates.
  • Set limit on how many additional follow-up emails the customer should get.
Note: Abandoned Cart Notifications is compatible with CartThrob 5+.

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