CartThrob 5.1.0 Is Now Available


Latest Updates

  • Added support for specifying the gateway_method parameter for supporting gateways.
  • Cleaned up settings for non-supported gateways as of v5.
  • Fix for email notifications not sending on successful payment.
  • Touch up of mollie gateway implementation to reduce erroring.
  • Fix to status dropdown on the Orders page in the CP
  • Notice and Warning clean up across the add-on

Full Change Log

System Requirements

  • PHP 7.1 or newer
  • ExpressionEngine 5.0 or newer

CartThrob 5 Release


We’re excited to announce the release of CartThrob 5!

CT 5 Release Notes
CartThrob 5 marks a major milestone in the development of CartThrob as we replace the legacy payment system with a new payment system built on Omnipay V3. This upgrade allows us to more dependably support security requirements such as SCA while also allowing us to more rapidly enhance the product going forward.