Global Item Options 1.14

Globally add item options and price modifiers to all of your products at once. Includes field types that will allow you to override globally added options, or option groups on a per-item basis. Also allows you to set specific channels that will use global item options. This add-on uses the standard CT tags to output your global item options. This is especially useful for sites that offer gift-wrapping or framing options for every item.

  • Settings allow you to create multiple sets of item options that can be applied globally, or to specific channels
  • Included CartThrob Item Options Select fieldtype allows you to override global settings, and apply specific items to certain products
  • Included CartThrob Item Options Group Select fieldtype allows you to override global field groups on a per-product basis

    Requirements CartThrob must be installed

      Estimated Development Time If you already have item options set up with existing products, and you’re using the item options tag basic set up should not take more than an hour. If you’re using item options for the first time, it may take 1/2 hour to several hours to implement.

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    Price including tax $19.95

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