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Invoice 1.013

Invoice makes it possible to create and send invoices for payment directly from the backend of your EE installation. When you send invoices to customers, they simply click the "pay now" link and the invoice is added directly to their cart. No additional template set up is required. Paid invoices are marked as "paid" in the backend. You can also send updates, cancellations, and reminders for payment. You can filter by invoice status, view paid and created dates, related member and order ids, hours and costs. Each invoice includes line items, overall cost, hours, notes, customer address information and ability to assign an additional reference number (to simplify reference to other third party systems.)


  • Create and send invoices from the backend
  • Includes sample email templates with easy installation
  • Works with guests and members alike
  • Easy setup. No channels required
  • Allows you to create line items, add customer information, notes and more
Note: Invoice is compatible with CartThrob 2 and 3. Future support for CartThrob 5 is undetermined at this time.

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