Subscriptions 2.71

Subscriptions is an addon for CartThrob2 Pro that gives your site subscription payment capabilities.


  • Create, sell, and manage subscription plans
  • Customers can update their own subscriptions
  • Create, sell, and manage permissions (ACL-access control levels)
  • Take subscription payments along with product & donation payments in the same transaction
  • Configurable notifications for purchase, rebill success, and rebill failure events
  • Works with many popular payment gateways including Stripe, and eWay
  • Utilizes token/vault based payments. No credit card data is stored on your site.
Also includes Permissions Manager
Note: Subscriptions is compatible with CartThrob 2 and 3. Support for CartThrob 5 will be available in Q3 2020.

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Price including tax $599.99

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