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Credits 1.21

Credits will give you the power to take MicroPayments or to apply redeemable credits to a member account


  • Sell credits/micropayments on your site
  • Includes backend credits manager to view and edit balances
  • Credits are tied to member accounts and are automatically applied during checkout
  • Partial credit transactions (credits + another payment method)
  • Conversion rate can be manually set to offer credit purchasing incentives
  • Can be used to sell micropayments (sell credits for parts of a dollar.)
  • Includes payment gateway for CartThrob, so you can require that transactions be completed with only credits.
Note: Credits is compatible with CartThrob 2 and 3. Future support for CartThrob 5 is undetermined at this time.

$99.99 Regular Price

Price including tax $99.99

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