Designing with CartThrob


CartThrob tags will allow you to build almost anything using standard ExpressionEngine templates and ExpressionEngine channel entries. The trick in efficient site building is in how you make channels and templates work together. Most sites that are built are variations on the same themes, or “design patterns.” The following are examples of common design patterns. Follow the links below for detailed information on how to create these types of sites using ExpressionEngine + CartThrob tags.

  • Standard Products

    Creating a store with standard products with few configuration options, but lots of categories, product reviews, and related items.

  • Donations

    Donations, donations with notes, donations with preset giving amounts, donations and products sold on the same site.

  • Photo Prints and Stock Photography

    Selling the same photo over and over in different sizes.

  • Highly Configurable Products

    Selling products that have tens, hundreds or thousands of configuration options. Dynamically generating a price, or pulling the price from a channel entry based on the configurations.

  • Software

    Selling and protecting software downloads.

  • Events

    Selling tickets to repeating events, booking hotel rooms, selling touring events with options, tickets to conventions.

  • Classified Ads

    Collecting and customer supplied information and turning it into an ad. Selling an specific existing entry.

  • Dynamic sites with ajax

    Updating customer information, adding, updating, and deleting items from the cart dynamically, general ajax methodology