CartThrob Lite 2.3.3

CartThrob2 (lite) is a simple payment processing system for ExpressionEngine that will fit any budget. CartThrob2 (lite) allows you to process payments using leading industry payment gateways including and Paypal. It is ideal for websites that do not need the overhead of a full cart. It works especially well for processing single payments for things like donations, deposits, or single items.


  • Checkout Form
  • Support for many popular payment gateways
  • Email notifications
  • Auto-install & Simple configuration
  • Simple upgrade path to CartThrob2 Pro
  • Order data stored in channel entries
  • Built in support ticket system
  • For a limited time: two months free level 1 support access included

Essentially CartThrob2 (lite) is a single page checkout form. It includes 2 simple tags: checkout_form, and submitted_order_info. Those two tags are all you need to capture customer orders, and provide order feedback. All order data is stored as an order channel entry.

CartThrob2 (lite) easily integrates with existing sites, and is a breeze to upgrade to CartThrob2. All CartThrob2 (lite) template tags are compatible with CartThrob2 Pro.

CartThrob2 (lite) is primarily focused on taking payments and staying simple. If you need additional features like member creation during checkout, member data merging, shipping & tax calculations, or the ability to add products to a cart, CartThrob2 Pro is a better option.

  Estimated Development Time When using the auto-install, setup only takes about 1/2 hour. To build something custom from the ground up may take from a few hours to a few days depending on complexity.

$49.99 Regular Price

Price including tax $49.99