Carthrob Permissions Admin 2.6

CartThrob Permissions addon enables your CartThrob powered site to sell and edit content access permissions. You can use permissions to limit access to content to only those that have purchased access to it. Features:

  • Administrative panel to create & edit permission items
  • Review & edit existing customer permissions, and apply new permissions to members
  • Fieldtype for assigning configured permissions directly to entry ids.

Some permissions functionality is built into CartThrob, including the ability to block access to content (using has_permission tag) & to view existing customer permissions (using permissions tag). This add-on adds the ability to view and administer existing customer permissions in an administrative interface, as well as the ability to create permission items and display them in templates, and in channel entries using the permissions fieldtype. Essentially this makes administration of permissions much easier than is possible in CartThrob out of the box.

Requirements CartThrob must be installed

Estimated Development Time If you are already using permissions tags, setup should take less than an hour. If not it may take a few hours to a few days.

$49.99 Regular Price

Price including tax $49.99

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