CartThrob Order Manager Version 2.3.7

CartThrob Order Manager is an first-party order management addon included with every copy of CartThrob at no additional cost. CartThrob Order Manager adds powerful reporting capabilities to CartThrob, as well as the ability to send order tracking notifications, generate packing lists and invoices, and process refunds if supported by gateway.



  • Sales Dashboard with daily, monthly, yearly sales, averages & counts, taxes, discounts, and more listed in a clickable graph.

  • Sortable Orders list with Quickview of billing / shipping info & mass status updating

  • Order search & report generator

  • Sortable customer report

  • Product sales list sorted by total sales amount.

  • Review & edit orders

  • Export orders to CSV


  • ExpressionEngine 2.7+
  • CartThrob 2.3.7+
  • PHP 5.3+


  • Upload the /system/expressionengine/third_party/cartthrob_order_manager/ folder to /system/expressionengine/third_party/
  • Make sure Extensions are enabled on your system
  • Install the CartThrob Order Manager module and extension (through EE's add-ons/modules panel)


  • Upload the /system/expressionengine/third_party/cartthrob_order_manager/ folder to /system/expressionengine/third_party/ Overwriting existing files.
  • Go to EE settings » addons » and click "Run Module Updates"


There are only a few settings in this module. You can set the EE templates that will be used to output invoices and packing slips. If these settings are set to a template, the order manager will display a print invoice and print packing slip button in the manage order/edit order screen. The settings contain a few notes about variables that can be used in the templates. Basically the template should consist of a channel:entries tag with your data formatted to your satisfaction

Viewing and editing an order

To view or edit an order listed in the Orders report, click on "manage" and you will be taken to the Manage Order screen. This lists purchased items, billing and shipping addresses, and adds additional functionality like resending notifications, adding tracking, and processing refunds.

The manage order panel doesn't allow editing of member or order details, but provides links to edit member details and the order itself. All order data is stored in channel entries, so ultimately you can edit any of the information within the channel entry. The manage order panel provides a convenient place to output all of this data in an easy to read digest format that simplifies order fulfillment.

Manage Order
Manage order view.


Refund functionality is available on a per-gateway basis. Not all gateways currently support refunds directly from the control panel. If it is supported, a refund option will be displayed in when you go to "manage" an individual order. There are two refund options: partial refund, and full refund. Only one refund is allowed per transaction, and can not exceed the order total. Once a full or partial refund has been initiated, you can not run any additional refunds for this order.

Resend Email

This will resend the order success / completion email only. It uses the same templates set up as the order completion template in CartThrob's Notification Settings. You can not change this template at the present time.

Packing Template

Here's a basic example of a packing template. The important thing to note is that entry_id is a variable that can be used to pull up data relevant to the order.

{exp:channel:entries channel="orders"  limit="1"  dynamic="no" show_future_entries="yes" entry_id="{entry_id}" }

    Order {entry_id} needs to be packed!



If you would like to add a tracking number to and update the order's status, you can do so through the Tracking form. This form does two things

  1. Adds the tracking number, shipping note to the order

To add the tracking number you must have a field in your order channel with the short_name set to order_tracking_number. If you do not have a field with this name, this value will not be saved.

To add the shipping note you must have a field in your order channel with the short_name set to order_shipping_note. If you do not have a field with this name, this value will not be saved.

You do not need to add these fields just to create a notification. You only need to create these fields if you would like to save the data with each order.

  1. Sends a notification

A new notification option is added to CartThrob's standard notifications list. "Tracking added to order". You create / add this notification like any other CartThrob notification by first creating a template, and then selecting the templatein CartThrob's notifications settings. This template can use the following variables:





  1. Updates the status of the order

The order status will be updated. The update of this status will not trigger any other ExpressionEngine or CartThrob actions. If you need notifications to be sent out based on this status change, use the "Tracking added to order" notification mentioned above.

Order Reports

In addition to the basic order report (shown below) there are also custom reports, product reports, customer reports and completely custom template based reports.

Standard order report
Standard order report view.
Custom Reports

The most popular feature of the Order Manager is support for custom reports. To create a custom report,

  1. Go to the order report tab.
  2. Select the criteria for the report, for instance: date range, fields you'd like included in the report, order status
  3. Select generate report, or export CSV. A generated report just displays, where a CSV exports locally to your computer
  4. Once you've selected options, you can also create a title for your report, and save it. Whenever you return to the order reports page, this report will be shown in a dropdown list of order reports that can be run again with a click of a button. Note: there is currently no way to delete saved reports from this list.
Custom Report View
Customer report view.
Product Reports

Product reports generate a report of sold items ordered by total sales volume for the specific configuration of this product. If you have multiple configurations of the same product, these configurations will be displayed on separate line items.

This report links to the original product ID, lists the price and shipping and tax set on the item (if any), as well as the configured options.

You can also click through to an order report of all orders that contain this configured item. Like other order reports, this report can be saved, or exported as a CSV file.

Customer Reports

Customer reports output a list of customers, ordered by last name. The customer report groups purchases by each unique email address associated with the purchases, so it's possible you may see a member listed twice if they purchased using a different member id and email address.

This report lists the customers name, member id, email address, phone number, total order amount, order volume, and last order. You can export this order report as a CSV file. It does not have a "save" option since it is always available as a navigation item.

You can click the "view orders" button to see a list of all orders associated with this member. Like other reports, this report can be saved or exported as a CSV file.

Completely custom template based reports

In the order dashboard, you will also see "Custom Reports Template Settings". This gives you the power to create custom templates, and use them as order reports that can be displayed in the back end of the order manager. You may want to output a custom graph, an image, incorporate data from a third party provider (like Google), or just use a channel:entries loop to output specific data unique to your store.

To create a custom report

  1. Create your template using EE's template manager
  2. In the dashboard, add a name to the report, and select your template from the list
  3. Submit your changes.
  4. This order will now be listed in the "Report" dropdown just above the Order Totals to Date graph, along with any other saved reports. Select a report and it will be displayed
Order totals to date

CartThrob's Dashboard lists "Order Totals to Date" in a graph. Each point on the graph can be clicked through for more detail. The graph starts out in Month view, with the power to click through to day view, hour view, and finally into each specific order individually.